IPL-Beratung Supply Chain Management und Lieferkettenoptimierung

An efficiently designed supply chain is important for the success of your company. We actively support you in planning and optimising your national and international logistics chains and their requirements.


Fields of action

  • Holistic design of efficient supply chains
  • Short and long-term planning of procurement quantities
  • Optimisation of purchasing and disposition processes
  • Development of a supplier management system
  • Review and planning of insourcing and outsourcing
  • Improvement of transport and distribution logistics


Your benefit

  • Supplier development from the raw material to spare parts
  • Economic material supply and inventories
  • Checking the in-house and external production depth
  • Transparency and optimisation in procurement, purchasing and disposition
  • Resource-saving and sustainable supply chain


Our approach


We will analyse the flow of goods along the entire supply chain, take a close look at your replenishment times and suppliers, and/or evaluate your distribution logistics. The focus here is on both the flow of materials and the cross-company flow of information.

It is often possible to identify potential along the supply chain in the context of planning and control, in the coordination between you and your suppliers and also at the interface between your customers and your production. These can be systematically identified, recorded, visualised and targeted.


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