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"The value of an idea lies in its implementation." (Thomas Alva Edison)

This principle shapes our actions! We want to advance you and your employees. Our services do not end with a concept on PowerPoint slides. From the idea to implementation, we support you and your employees.

We go further: training, innovative topics or pragmatic implementation solutions are important to us. We work together with renowned research institutes and universities, thereby ensuring that the methods and techniques we use are always state-of-the-art.



We make potential measurable!

Less is more. The right key performance indicatores for more transparency in production and logistics is essential to make quick decisions. We help you to set up a structured KPI-system along the value chain. The focus is not only on classic key figures such as capacity utilization or productivity, but in particular on KPIs that reflect processes and flexibility. For this purpose, we have developed a special methodology that specifically builds a problem-oriented KPI-system in which we involve employees and those affected early on.

Interims Management

We manage your employees!

Sometimes a manager may drop out at short notice or you have to fill a vacant group leader or departmental management position for a certain period of time - without obligation or growing headcount. The flexible deployment of our experts enables you to drive your projects forward and at the same time ensure management tasks are handled..

Industrie 4.0

We take you into the future!

Information along the value chain is becoming increasingly relevant. Real-time data is an important key to success.

The right technology and the right system are crucial. We help you to develop your digitalisation strategy and prepare you for topics such as Big Data, predictive analytics and process mining.


We find your cost drivers!

Waste, inventories and non-value-adding processes not only cause longer throughput times but also increase costs in the company. In growth phases, the productivity achieved is used for more volume; in times of crisis, the main priority is reducing costs and releasing working capital.

With methodical approaches such as process cost analyses, inventory structure evaluation and the general avoidance of waste, we help you identify cost drivers and return them to cash flow.

Master data optimisation

We get your data into shape.

Data is turned into information and information drives the success of your business. It is the prerequisite for measurable and transparent processes and thus for continuous improvement. We help you to systematically analyse your master data in production and logistics and to improve your master data sustainably.

Training and business games

We get your employees prepared!

Your employees are the engine for your success. Implementation is not only determined by a good concept, but especially by the skills and knowledge of the people involved. The early involvement of employees and targeted training are the key to successful and sustainable project implementation.

Our certified lean and Six Sigma trainers will support you in this process.

Change management

We successfully implement projects with you!

Our consulting service does not end with a summary of PowerPoint slides. On the contrary: that's when the real work actually starts. Good concepts do not implement themselves. Your employees may have doubts and fear new changes. We involve affected stakeholders at an early stage and support implementation through to success. The human factor is always at the focus of what we do.

Research and experts

We drive your idea forward!

Thanks to our cooperation with institutes, research facilities and universities, we have constant access to innovative topics and specialists. Together with you, we develop and evaluate your ideas and seek available funding. We carry out targeted research, network you with research partners and formulate appropriate applications with you.

Software tools

We create tools for everyday life!

For us, software is a means to an end. Together with our partners, we develop innovative solutions for better, sustainable production and logistics, and generate lasting benefits for our clients using simple Excel applications. These can include the checking and optimisation of master data or tools for processing projects in mechanical engineering.


Knowledge sharing

We share knowledge in a way that's understood!

Conveying complicated things simply is an art. Through regular lectures at universities, management training and seminars, we not only share our knowledge but also receive input and inspiration from different companies. We pass on many things back to our clients in the form of publications in our magazines. Through regular lectures at universities, management training and seminars, we not only share our knowledge but also receive continuous input and inspiration from companies and industries by exchanging ideas. We pass on many things back to our clients in the form of publications in our magazines.


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Always informed!

Tips and tricks for production, logistics, technology and organisation.

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