IPL-Beratung Logistikplanung und Wertströme

To ensure your ability to deliver while keeping inventories low, special challenges are posed with regard to logistics.

We plan and dimension your value flows in terms of optimal material and information flows. This includes targeted warehouse planning and ideal material provision.


Fields of action

  • Separation of value-adding and non-value-adding activities
  • Planning of internal material flows and material supply (e.g. tugger train)
  • Dimensioning and active control of storage and buffer sizes
  • Determination of the warehouse organisation and technology
  • Control of empties, disposal and container management
  • Development of outsourcing strategies


Your benefit

  • Clear separation of value creation and waste
  • Needs-based inventories and optimal provisioning concept
  • Establishment of a process-oriented organisational structure according to lean principles
  • Assurance of material availability and delivery capability
  • Revision of the logistical master data


Our approach


Logistics dimensioning is a core component of our approach. We will analyse the existing warehouse structure and the entire internal logistics (intralogistics). Developing a process organisation according to the lean philosophy is the main focus.

Emphasis lies on a clear distinction between value-adding and non-value-adding activities. The definition of stock levels based on capacities, requirements, replenishment times and/or set-up times are just as much a part of the tasks as the design and evaluation of the entire material flow.


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