IPL-Beratung Produktionsnetzwerk und Standortstrategie

Globalisation requires a holistic production strategy.

The question "Who produces what at which location?" is becoming increasingly important due to short throughput times.

We support you in developing your national and international production network (global footprint).


Fields of action

  • Support in selecting new locations
  • Development of a location strategy and a holistic plant structure
  • Introduction of a company-wide production system
  • Creation and optimisation of the global footprint (who produces what?)
  • Support in developing a supplier network
  • Establishment and development of national and international locations


Your benefit

  • Development of a holistic production strategy
  • Optimal utilisation of your locations
  • Risk minimisation in the production network
  • Standardisation of production principles within your own plant network


Our approach


When analysing the global distribution of production, the focus is particularly on your available resources and the corresponding knowledge of your employees.

We determine capacities and check whether the long-term growth of the entire production network is possible - from your suppliers (local sourcing) to your customers (local hubs).

The most important questions here are: Which production steps can be done in which plant? Where does a central organisation make sense and what should be organised decentrally? We work with you to create the global footprint of each of your plants and support you in standardising your production network.


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