IPL-Beratung Produktionsplanung und Produktionssteuerung

As variant diversity and the need for shorter throughput times increase, your production and logistics need to become more and more flexible. We support you in designing efficient planning and control processes to achieve a high level of delivery capability.


Fields of action

  • Holistic design of efficient supply chains
  • Optimisation of planning, control, work preparation and disposition
  • Development of effective interface management (development, sales, production, logistics, etc.)
  • Efficient selection and use of your IT systems (ERP, PPS, MES, etc.)
  • Definition of stock quantities and production buffers
  • Introduction of lean management principles (Kanban, Heijunka, etc.)
  • Realisation of goal-oriented shop floor management


Your benefit

  • Supplier development from the raw material to spare parts
  • Efficient planning, control of production and production-related areas
  • Increased flexibility throughout production
  • Optimal batch sizes and order quantities
  • Practicable shop floor management and control principles


Our approach


Planning and control form the basis for smooth factory flows.

Based on your consumption and planning data, we will analyse the control components and determine future procurement and batch sizes. Within the framework of the information flow analyses, the IT systems you use and the quality of your master data will be simultaneously examined.

To ensure good adherence to delivery dates, the stock and buffer values need to be determined on the basis of the control principles. These are determined from previous and expected sales volumes.


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