IPL-Beratung Fabrikplanung und Materialflussoptimierung

A process-oriented factory requires efficiently utilised resources (both human capital and machine). Together with you, we plan a future-proof, flexible layout and the associated logistics according to value stream principles.


Fields of action

  • Strategic development of the location and the plant structure
  • Targeted design and segmentation of the factory
  • Design of low-waste value flows (material and information flow)
  • Capacity and time recording (employees and technology)
  • Planning of a process-oriented layout as well as assembly and workstations
  • Design of intralogistics, material flows and a provision concept


Your benefit

  • Future-oriented plant structure according to lean principles
  • Implementation of an ideal material and information flow concept
  • Process-oriented structure of the factory (flow principle, factory within the factory)
  • Development of a storage structure with optimal storage levels
  • Short throughput times and low inventories


Our approach


Together we will elaborate the structures and segments of the factory following the principles of a lean material flow. The basis for this, in addition to the existing product families and recorded value flows, is future growth in terms of unit numbers and variants.

We will collaborate to generate an ideal concept (greenfield) and subsequently prepare several real variants (brownfield) taking into account the available restrictions. Cost-benefit assessments will be carried out for these scenarios based on jointly defined criteria. We will plan according to the VDI guideline 5200 "Factory Planning" and consider the corresponding design fields such as logistics, technology, processes, employees and spatial areas.

As a result, you will receive a concept that forms the basis for further detailed planning or construction projects.


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